Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Letter 2010

I can say right at the start of this letter that in the past year we have not added any children (or pets) into our family, we live in the same house, drive the same cars, and Super B still works for the same company, albeit in slightly different position. We even took the same vacation (Disney) this year. The only P that has really changed much this year is Dalton (1). Last year at Christmas he was cute with lots of potential, but not doing much besides nursing, crying and looking sweet as he snoozed. While Dalton still loves a good meal, a good cry and a good snuggle, he is otherwise completely different. He runs all around the house trying to keep up with his siblings and is very busy as only a toddler can be. It makes me equal parts proud and sad that he is growing up so fast.

Our biggest highlight of the year is that in the Fall both Ashby and Reese chose to make professions of faith. I am sure you can imagine how cool it was to see my two oldest children baptized together. I think I missed most of the actual dunking due to the tears of joy and, quite frankly, perhaps a few tears of relief too given the crazy things my kids have done through the years. Baptism might not make them perfect, but at least they are forgiven! Luckily we got it on video so I have been able to watch with mostly dry eyes since then.

Otherwise the kiddos are energetic and my house is still always messy and loud. Reese (8) and Ashby (10) are both doing Scouts and choir and Reese is into soccer. His team, led by our very own Coach B, had a few wins in the spring and an actual winning season this fall. Ashby is a reading queen but has really gotten into cooking this year, a hobby I am definitely encouraging! Wes (4) goes to speech twice a week which we call “little school” and enjoys the pleasures of a more relaxed kind of life.

Super B is still at X. He worked crazy hours much of last year but recently moved to a new position that seems less time intensive. He has a fancy title, but I admit I have taken to telling people he runs the vending machines at his office. B would have me insert here that sadly he has never been allowed to remove a single quarter from the machines despite the fact he thinks that sounds fun. However, he does manage the contracts for food services among many other comptroller duties.

As for me, I continue to passionately love being a mom, attending births as a doula and occasional work at a local birth center. There I have added some clinical midwifery skills to my repertoire, which is a thrill for me. It took me well into adulthood, but I am completely thankful that God has brought me opportunities to find and follow my passions of being both in the home with my family and being a birth advocate for others.

We may be pretty boring, not changing much from year to year, but Christmas is a time to be different. Starting from the way Jesus was born (I am no stranger to out of hospital birth, but a stable is out of my league) to the way he died, it was all different than what one might expect. I don’t know what the next year holds. Perhaps next year we will be called to do something totally different, or perhaps the plan is to just continue getting up (way too early in my mind) each day to love and serve others. We are looking forward to finding out.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year y’all!

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